How often have you found yourself comparing yourself to other people who were successful when you are trying to accomplish a goal or a dream? I use to do it all the time, and almost everytime I did it, I ended up feeling down or even depressed.

Never compare yourself to others, it is the worse thing you could ever do, because you will end up with negative feelings. These feelings will cause you to want to give up!!! This is where you want to say to yourself, with intensity, "I am so much better than I was! I have come so far compared to where I was when I first started!"


This is what you really want to do and this will actually energize you and make you feel even better than before!!!

First of all, while you are achieving your dreams and your goals, take a step back and compare yourself to where you are now, and when you first started. You will definately see how far you have really travelled.

Second, acknowledge to yourself your great accomplishment. Reward yourself, for example, if your goal is to get back into physical shape, reward yourself with a day of relaxation, then get back into the workouts. Rewarding yourself is great and you feel like you have accomplished something. Be careful how you reward yourself, if for example you are saving money for a vacation you have been planning, don't go and blow all your money to reward yourself, simply buy some clothes to enjoy while on your vacation, etc.

So, the only person you really need to compare yourself to is yourself, and love every moment of it!!!

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