This post is called, "THE LIES THAT WE LIVE". What I mean by that is, there are basically six lies that people create and live by, until they learn to change them. They are not lies they make to other people, they are lies they make to themselves. I will list each lie, then I will offer a solution to each one. I am not saying that you are living these lies, I am simply offering solutions to people you might know that have live by them.

Lie # 1) I believe I am not worth it:

This is a lie I find common in most people, such as , "I guess I don't have too many positive things happen to me, because I am just not worth it". Now people do not actually come out and say these lies, but their actions, the way they talk, act upon and their body posture all speak for them, and how they feel about themselves. What is important is to look at yourself in the mirror and say, "I am worth it!" Don't just stand there feeling silly. Actually mean it, say it with intensity!!! Say to yourself, with intensity and all the passion you can put into it, "Yes, I am worth it!!!" When you are walking down the street, think to yourself, "Yes I am worth it!". When you are ready to fall asleep, say to yourself, "Yes I am worth it!". And when you are either saying it, or even thinking it, make sure you really mean it! Your brain is a wonderful organ, it does everything for you, it monitors your breathing, your heart rate, your eyesight, it does everything. It also monitors your subconcious mind, and whatever you are thinking or saying, your subconscious is saying back to you, "You are right, that is who you are".
Whenever we say the phrase, "I am", whatever you say next, your subconscious says, "Yes you are, and that is who you will be and that is how you will feel about yourself, until you change what you are saying about yourself". The brain also likes to be recognized for the great work it does and it likes a "pat on the back". So, when you are saying and thinking to yourself, "Yes, I am worth it!", you are also acknowledging the great work your brain and your subconscious is doing.
So go ahead, say to yourself right now, "Yes, I am worth it, I am an important person, and I do have lots to offer!!!", say it with intensity and feel good about yourself.

Lie #2) I do not deserve greatness:

This is another common lie people live by, because when you say to yourself, "I do not deserve greatness", your brain says, "You are right". Do people say this out loud? No, of course not, but do they say it when they give up the chance to shine at work when the boss gives them praise, "you did a great job". How do most people respond to this? They say, "maybe, gee thanks", or "anybody could have done that". Even when someone close to them gives them a compliment, they usually respond with a joke about themselves, putting themselves down.
You do deserve greatness! You are the only one who can acknowledge this. It doesn't matter who gives you a compliment, or who acknowledges a job you did, if you do not acknowledge it yourself, you are not going to enjoy the rewards that comes with it!
So, what are the rewards of feeling good about yourself? Well, feeling good about yourself for one thing, knowing that you can achieve greatness for another. How do we achieve greatness? By simply trying new and exciting things! Take that vacation you always wanted to take, talk to the person you always wanted to talk to. Create relationships with people. Let people get to know you for the wonderful person you are! And most of all, say to yourself, "Yes, I do deserve greatness!" And make sure that you say it and think it with intensity.

Lie #3) I am not smart

What is smart? Is it a level of intelligence? Is it being better than anyone else? Smart is when you know something and when people say to themselves, "I am so studip!", or, "How could I be so stupid?", or, "I wish I was as smart as they are!". saying these types of statements are saying that you are not smart, and that is so far from the truth. Nobody is stupid, nobody. It's like when people say "What kind of a stupid question is that?". I always respond with, "There is no such thing as a stupid question".
Remember, there are going to be people out there who are going to try to make you feel or look stupid. The only way they can succeed is if you believe what they are saying or doing is true. Remember that "stupid" is a lie. When you truly believe what you are doing, or saying or thinking is helping others, or helping you, that is not stupid.
The reason people put others down is so they think that they need to do this so they feel better about themselves. Please, recommend them to take a look at this blog.
Remember, you are smart and you have so much good to offer yourself and others in our world with what you know.

Lie #4) I will never be better than I am now:

You are not your past. Remember this, you can "Wipe the chalkboard clean". This means you can learn from the past without having to relive it. To "Wipe the chalkboard clean", simply think of a past event that really seems to bother you. Now we cannot change the past, but, we can change how we feel about it when we think about it. Now, while you are thinking about this past even, close your eyes, see this event being played like a movie in a theater and you are sitting watching it. Now imagine the movie screen is actually a chalk board, like they have in schools. Now, as this "movie" from your past is being played, imagine you are taking a chalk brush and wiping the chalk board clean, the event no longer is taking place and you can actually feel the memory fading away. This is a simple exercise I recommend people to do and it works.

 Well, who you were in the past is not going to be who you are in the future. Who you are now, is made up of past thoughts. We are now getting into Quantum Physics and also true statements. Who you are now, is made up of past thoughts. Moments ago, if someone thought they were not worth it, read this blog and then said to themselves, "I am worth it!!!", that means that the thoughts they are having now, are changing how they are going to feel now and in the future, even just minutes from now. Whoever you were in the past, is not going to be equal to how great you are going to be in the future. When you think great thoughts about who you really are and what you have to offer others, suddenly you make a shift in your beliefs. Suddenly you have these thought of how great you are, and what you truly can achieve. Keep practising these thoughts, keep realizing how great you really are, be proud of who you are and what you can accomplish. You will realize how great you truly are.

Lie #5) I will never achieve my goals:

Achieving goals is actually quite easy, when you know how. Remember that whenever you think you cannot do something, your subconscious says, "You are right". This is where you must make a shift in the way you think.
What are your goals? Write them down, make a "bucket list", this a must do list. List them all down, and go for them, one at a time. The challenge with most people is that they overwhem themselves with too much information. In other words, they try to do too much!
There is a process I like to do and it's called "chunking down". Let me ask you this, if someone gave you a five kilo chocolate bunny for Easter (that's a lot of chocolate!), would you eat it all in one bite or break it down into smaller bite size chunks? You would most likely break it down into smaller bite size chunks. Right? We can do the same thing with our goals and our must do lists. The process of "chunking down" reduces stress and anxiety and makes our lives much easier to deal with. Break down your goals into small chunks and  small pieces to make it easier to deal with.


Lie #6) I am not beautiful:

This is a lie that is so far from the truth. The truth is, that you are beautiful and I am talking to both men and women. Men, you there is nothing wrong in acknowledging that you are beautiful. Ladies, the same with you, I am talking about a beauty that is not on the outside, but on the inside. I have seen both men and women who are so physically beautiful on the outside, but so shallow on the inside. For anyone to be beautiful on the outside, you must first have that "inner" beauty. It begins with respecting and loving yourself, being able to look at a mirror and tell yourself, "I love you".

How do we learn to accept our inner beauty? By taking small steps so you do not become overwhelmed, and simply realizing that you are beautiful. You are a great person, you do have so many great qualities that you can share with others. Take a good look in the mirror, smile, and see how beautiful your smile really is.

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