What is rock bottom? It is a metaphor used to describe when someone feels they are at their all time low. Hitting rock bottom is a very powerful emotional state. The more powerful the state we are in, either positive or negative. Someone who believes and feels they have hit rock bottom, feels lost, immobilized, like there is no way out. They feel like they have dug a hole so deep, there is no ladder high enough to climb out of that hole.

Remember this, if you feel like you have hit rock bottom, rock bottom can also become a solid foundation to rebuild upon. It is all a matter of changing the emotional state we are in. We change our states by the we position our bodies, the words we use, how we think, how we act. How we view our model of the world plays a major role in how we feel at any given moment. We all see the world in a different way, it all depends how we are feeling, thinking and moving. We create stories in our lives and these stories will determine how we feel.

Simply get back up, dust yourself off and start over again. People do not have nervous breakdowns. Nerves are made up of single cells, they cannot break down. People have "EGO" breakdowns. Their egos do not allow them to face the fact they didn't get the results they wanted, so their egos got the best of them. I highly recommend watching Dr. Rick Rigsby's video on YOUTUBE, titled, "WISDOM FROM A THIRD GRADE DROPOUT". It is an amazing video that really inspires people. It will make you laugh, make you feel inspired, there are moments it will even make you cry a little. Do not allow your ego to get the best of you. Take a step back, take a deep breath and say to yourself, "ROCK BOTTOM CAN ALSO BE A SOLID FOUNDATION TO REBUILD UPON".

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