The above circle is "THE CIRCLE OF OPPORTUNITY", it represents all of the opportunity that is around us all the time. See that little dot to the right of it? That dot represents a problem. Notice how small it is compared to the circle? Can you guess where most people put their focus and their energy? If you said the problem, you are absolutely right!!! Most people focus and put so much energy on their problems, they forget about the opportunity that surrounds them.

How do we overcome this "problem"? Let me ask you these two questions:

1) Which do you prefer to solve, problems or challenges?


2) Which do you prefer to have more of in your life, problems or challenges?


I am willing to bet that you chose you prefer "challenges" to both questions. I'm going to let you in on a little secret, problems and challenges are exactly the same thing. The only difference is how you perceive these two words. When most people hear the word "problem", they think of something that is catastrophic and disasterous. They think things like, "Oh great, what else can go wrong in my life?". But, when they think of the word "challenge", they think of something that can readily be solved, something fun to do.

So the next time you come across a "problem", think of it instead as a "challenge" and start solving it. Remember the circle of opportunity while you are solving your challenges. You are constantly being surrounded by opportunity, and once you open your mind to the opportunity that is around you, that is when you see it. Problems are simply "blinders" that stop you from seeing what is around you. "Challenges" are a "path" that are waiting for you to travel and explore and solve.

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ACTIONIZE NOW and The Future Is Yours