How often have you wanted to try something new, meet different people, or even travel to a new place you thought might be exciting to visit, only to find yourself stopping short of doing it?
What happened? Why all of a sudden you got to a certain point that you believed you could not take another step? What happened was, you stepped out of your "comfort zone".
What is a comfort zone and how does it work? First of all, have you ever seen a tree after it has been cut, and its rings are exposed? If you look at the rings, you will see that they are formed in circles, very small in the center and they get larger as the tree gets older. Each ring represents one year for the tree.
We create imaginary rings in our subconcious minds as well, except, each ring represents how far we have expanded our comfort zone. So, whenever we are trying something new, and we do it and accomplish it, we add another another ring to our comfort zone, adding to our "self confidence" and how we believe are able to accomplish things.
Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable we can feel when trying something new, then we actually do it and we say to ourselves, "That wasn't so bad after all"? That again, is because we added another ring to our comfort zone, and we expanded our "barriers".
The reason we feel uncomfortable is because we are stepping out of our comfort zones and stepping into a zone that is unfamiliar.
So, the next time you are doing something different and you feel a little or even a lot uncomfortable. Remember, all you need to do, is to do is to realize that you are about to add another "ring" to your comfort zone. This will create a stronger, newer and more exciting you!
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