There is one very important step that people must take before moving forward with their goals, dreams and desires. That very important step is to raise your standards. How many times have you thought about doing something, then you said to yourself, "It just isn't possible", or "I couldn't do that", or maybe, "I don't have the skills to do that", how many times have you or someone you know said this?

What seperates successful people from everyone else? Successful people simply raise their standards. How do we raise our standards? Here are some steps that I believe will help you to do this.


What is a hierarchy (pronounced "hi arky")? We all have a hierarchy, it is how we organize our beliefs according to their level of importance, for example, number one being at the top, the most important and number seven being at the bottomthe least important. Let's say that someone wants more money in their life, but they always feel guilty when they have what they believe is too much. This is what their hierarchy might look like from the top (number seven) to the bottom (number one) ;

1- Having too much money is painful, especially when there are people who are hungry


2- If I don't work, I won't be able to make ends meet, then I'll be hungry 


3- My family is important to me, if I don't work, they will go hungry


4- My friends are important, I enjoy spending time with them, I just can't afford to go out


5- I want to make lots of money 


6- I want to be successful


7- Money is good


When looking at this person's hierarchy, you see that at the top there is a massive amount of pain and at the bottom there is very minimal pleasure. This is why this person never seems to have enough money and is always struggling. This is how this person could change their hierachy in order to want to create more wealth in their life. This is how the new hierarchy might look like and how they could also change the way they talk, think and feel about money:


1- Money is good


2- I want an abundance of money in my life


3- My family is important to me and by working at what I want to do, there will always be an abundance for them


4- I want to be successful so I can do all the things I wanted to do


5- Gaining knowledge will help me with a higher income


6- I enjoy going out with my friends and spending time with them


7- Having money means I can share it by donating


This is an example of how this person could make changes in their hierarchy, and also the way they "word" they different levels to be more positive. This is step one




Thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions create results and results become outcomes. Have you ever heard people self-doubt themselves? They tell you what they want to do, then they tell you the reasons why they cannot do them, all in the same breath. This is where we must be aware af the words we are using when we are talking and thinking about something. Whenever someone says to me "I can't do that", or, "I can't do this", I like to respond to them with, "I can't means one of two things, either I don't know how or I don't want to". Generally they stand there looking at me with a blank look on their faces. They ask, "What do you mean"? This is when I explain to them the language they are using and how it goes into their subconscious mind, where it is filed there for all eternity or until they change the way they perceive things. This is generally when they go, "Huh??". Then I explain this. Everything we do, say, think about and act upon gets filed into our subconscious minds and there it is stored as a "reference" or an "experience", so when a similar thought, action or they way we talk occurs, our brain can then access certain feelings for us to experience. For example, if there is someone at your work who you find to be annoying and everytime you see this person, you feel very negative. Why, you ask? Simply because something this person triggered a negative experience in your subconscious mind and you decided you do not like this person.

So what does this have to do with raising standards you are probably asking? Everything!!! For us to raise our standards we must be aware of the language we are using, the thoughts we are thinking and the type of action we are taking. As for the thoughts we are thinking, we generally have approximately sixty thousand thoughts a day and it would be exhausting if we monitored all of them. The best way to monitor our thoughts are by how we are "feeling". If you are feeling happy and excited and unstoppable, you know your thoughts are positive. If you are feeling negative, then these are the thoughts you are having.

How we think, feel and act will determine how far we raise our standards. Like the very famous saying, "Change a thought changes an action, change an action changes a result".

So do not worry about monitoring your thoughts, you will be able to do this by being aware of how you are feeling.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at thefutureisyours@live.ca and I will get back to you. In the meantime, live life with passion and remember that The Future Is Yours