Pain vs. Pleasure. Do you have fears? Everybody does. Do you have certain things that you like to do that excites you with passion? Everybody does. So, what is the difference? Two little things called "pain and pleasure"

Here is an example of pain:

There is a certain job at work you cannot stand doing, even thinking about it drives you crazy. You are hoping the boss will forget you are even there so he or she will not ask you to do this certain task. When you do it, it feels like it takes forever! This is pain, and pain will cause you to not want to do certain things, talk to certain people, etc. Pain literally drives you away from something.


Here is an example of pleasure:

There is something that you just love to do on your spare time, maybe a hobby and you love it so much that you wish you could do it for a living. Everytime you do this, you do not want it to end. It seems so effortless, other people even notice how good you are at it and how much you love to do it. Pleasure literally drives you toward something.


Pain  drives you away and pleasure drives you toward. So, what happens when you get two things that create pain? You will avoid the thing that gives the most pain. Let's say you have a phobia of spiders. You are sitting in the park with your child or relative that you just adore and love more than anything in life. They begin to scream and you look, and there is a huge spider crawling up their arm from the tree they were playing on. Suddenly you run over, knock the spider off them, step on it and you are the hero.

What just happened? Did you do it to be a hero? Not really. The reason you did it was because the pain of seeing a loved one screaming in fear was greater than the phobia of spiders. The only thing you could think of was to help your loved one to be safe. Your fear of spiders was tiny and insignificant compared to the fear of something happening to a loved one.

How do you overcome pain to turn it into pleasure? It is actually easier than you think. First of all, acknowledge that it is there. What is the best way to defeat an enemy? Turn the enemy into a friend. Take a look at what it is that is giving you pain and think to yourself, "What would this be like if it were pleasurable " It does take a few times, it is a matter of conditioning and reconditioning our subconscious minds to accept something as true. Next, see it as something that you do like, that is fun to do. That's all.

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