Internal dialogue, what exactly is that? Internal dialogue is basically how we communicate with ourselves, or, how we "talk to ourselves". Have you ever seen someone who is talking to themselves, or they are walking along and their lips are moving, but they are not really saying anything? This is internal dialogue. How we communicate with ourselves will determine how we feel. Have you ever gotten into an argument with someone, either at work, home or in a public place? Afterwards did you find yourself "talking to yourself" about the situation, and the more you talked to yourself, the more angry you seemed to get? What you were doing is what I call "an internal communication loop". When you are creating this "loop" you will notice that the more you think about it, the more you "talk to yourself" about it, the more intense it seems to get. I have seen people who get so intense, they literally stand there, completely unaware that people are watching them carry on this conversation with themselves. It can be very entertaining, especially if you are the observer.

This mostly happens when you experience something negative and what people are doing is simply "reinacting" the event that took place. Have you ever been driving a car and suddenly you were cut-off by another driver? How angry did that make you? My guess is pretty angry. Have you found yourself talking to other people about it, as well as running it over and over again in your mind? To the point that the more you thought about it, the more angry you would get? This is another example of an internal communication loop.

So, how do we eliminate these loops, or change our internal dialogue so we do not feel angry, frustrated, two emotions that literally are so negative they stop us from doing anything that is positive? We simply create a distraction, or better known as a "pattern interruption". Have you ever been talking to someone and the conversation was going great, then someone interrupts with a question completely different from what you were talking about? What happened when you went back to the person you were talking to? You most likely forgot what you were talking about, right? This is pattern interruption and you can do this with yourself when you find your internal dialogue is negative, or you are feeling angry about something.

Did you ever try playing a cd that was scratched? It kept skipping and jumping and not playing the way it was supposed to, right? This is how pattern interruption works, you simply create a situation, like every time you feel angry, quickly think about something that you found made you smile, then squeeze one of your fingers. Another way is to wear a rubber band around your wrist, and when you want a pattern interruption, simply "snap" the band against your wrist. This will definately interrupt your pattern. Again, you quickly think about something that made you smile, maybe a baby laughing, or a funny joke, then you squeeze one of your fingers or snap the rubber band. Do this a few times and every time you squeeze the same finger or snap the band, you will begin to smile. You are creating a pattern interruption. Every time you squeeze the same finger, you will begin to relax, smile and feel good about yourself  and you will forget why you are angry.

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