How often have you done something that actually astonishes you? That you actually asked yourself, "Did I do that?". Did you then find yourself, "digging & searching" as to how you did it? Have you found yourself analyzing what you did to the point that you found it frustrating, that somehow the motivation seemed to be lost?

This is why I like to say to people, "enjoy the fruits now and discover the roots later". What that means is this, enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, enjoy the feeling that you did something well. It's okay to stand back and say to yourself, "I did do a pretty good job". After all, the subconscious mind loves appreciation and pats on the back. Later on down the road is when you can analyze what you did, the "how's and the why's" as to how you achieved whatever it was you did. For now, simply enjoy the feeling of excitement, passion, the feeling of great accomplishment. Get excited that you did it and it turned out better than you thought it would!!! This way, the feeling of joy, happiness and passion will be with you much longer. You will be able to tell others about it with passion and enthusiasm. Most of all, the motivation will be with you to enjoy right now in the present.

So the next time when something you are doing gets you really excited and filled with passion, joy, love and excitement, enjoy the fruits now and discover the roots later.

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Remember to ACTIONIZE NOW, and The Future Is Yours !!!